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Whelping Collar

Whelping Collar

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We found a need to make a quality collar for all those breeders out there tired of cheap velcro collars that don't hold up, can't be cleaned, and fall off of your newborn pups. After designing and redesigning, we came up with our version of what we think makes a great whelping collar. Made out of 3/8'' wide flat Biothane, put together with a single stainless rivet and high quality delrin plastic buckles. We use a urethane loop to keep the excess material tucked safely away. These collars are the right size to use as soon as your pups are born. Available in 30 colors. All cleaning products are safe to use on this material.

We do offer an assorted option, just select how many collars you need and select the assorted color option and we will pick them for you.

12'' total length of material. Fits necks up to 11''. Perfect to reuse or send those pups home with!

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