How it started

So for many, you wouldnt think offshore fishing and dogs would have much of a connection, but in our case, thats exactly how this all got started. I learned how to fish off the coast of South Carolina. I quickly learned that it would be cheaper and more enjoyable to learn to make my own offshore lures and leaders. I began using different style pliers and bench mounted equipment to make strong, reliable offshore tackle to handle the biggest wahoo and dolphin. One of my best fishing buddies operated a quail preserve, and had a young boykin spaniel that was just learning the game. He needed a way to keep him steady while his pointers worked, and then be able to keep him from running away after he ran in and flushed the birds. I found some material laying around that I had used in a offshore project I was working on, and thought, this would make a great lead for a young dog. I also wanted it to look professional, since the quail operation it was to be used at is top notch. I got some nice hardware, and put it together and gave it to him to try. 5 years later, hes still using the same lead on his flushing dogs.

Not long after I made this original lead, a friend of mine that operates a professional kennel in Andrews, SC asked me to go to a weekend master test. I jumped in the truck with him and remebered the smell, the smell that I couldnt identify, a smell he probably was so used to that even he couldn't smell it anymore. I quickly traced the smell to a rope style lead sitting in the floor of the truck. It was coverd in mildew, it was greasy, it was just really bad. I knew I still had some of that material at home I made the previous lead out of. I told him I was going to make him something to try. I needed him to be honest and to just beat the crap out of it and see what it's limits were.

The next day, I had what would become the first leads that we produced in his hand. There were flaws at first. But we pushed on, changing the way we did things, constantly improving how our connections were made, and how we attached the various components. We got it right, and did our first large scale event in October of 2019. That was the dog worlds first taste of what was to become our full line of dog products.

We are proud to still be here, in 2023 producing premium quality leads, collars,leashes and lanyards. This simple idea has taken me all around the country, introduced me to many, many wonderful people. I have watched these amazing animals perform incredible tasks. All because of the idea I had to make an already great product better. We are proud of our many partnerships with kennels and professionals from around the world. Handler's Choice is represented in every state in the US, as well as Candada, Ireland, England, Austrailia, Wales, Scotland, New Zeland and Costa Rica.

As always, I would like to take time to thank you for reading this, and thank you for your business. We truly appreciate all of you for being our customers.