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Flat Utility Lanyard

Flat Utility Lanyard

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With the popularity of the new flat lanyard design, we wanted to come up with a lanyard that can be used for the dual sport dog folks out there wanting to run AKC, HRC, SRS style events where a duck call is needed, but doesn't want the added bulk of the additional whistle drop hanging in the way. This lanyard combines the flat lanyard with the option to use a paracord loop on the side for attaching your call. When the call is not necessary, just take the paracord loop off and remove your call for a seamless lanyard. One lanyard for all your needs, in one simple design. 30 colors available. A comfortable lanyard for all your needs.

 If a specific color is not listed, please select any color, then use the included color picture and make a note a checkout as to what color code you would like.

A matching paracord loop will be included with each lanyard.

Duck call and whistle are not included, and may be purchased separately.

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