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E Collar Replacement

E Collar Replacement

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30'' long, 1'' or 3/4'' width. Stainless roller buckle and d-ring. This is to be used as a replacement collar strap for an e-collar or bark collar. Made out of the same great Biothane® we make our leashes with. Won't stink, stretch or stain. Makes the perfect collar for those long days training where your using the same collar on multiple dogs.  34 great colors available.

.100'' thick-please note that with some brands like garmin/tritronics, you will need a small file or sandpaper to open the area where the collar passes through the box. This can be done easily at home with minimal effort, or you can send it to us and we can fit the new collar for you for free.

*E Collar electronics are not included with the purchase of the replacement collar strap.

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